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What is Health Nation all about?  What makes visiting the Health Nation practice different from going to any other medical practice?  These are the questions we find ourselves being asked quite frequently these days.  Well to begin with, probably for us the most obvious first answer is that our motivation is transformation.  We are conscious of the state of the planet and the state of humanity and we have signed up to help.  There is a connection forgotten by most between the body they live in with arms and legs and all the rest and the body they live on (and really also in) with oceans and forests and continents and mountains and an abundance of more.  When one truly nurtures and cares for the one it is almost impossible not to simultaneously be making choices for the health of the other.

Once we made this connection and felt it deep within our souls, the purpose of Health Nation became clearer.  We would not be able to follow the path of other modern-day allopathic and some naturopathic medical practices who look at symptoms of the human body and prescribe a pill or a powder hoping they will disappear without ever asking the pertinent question of how did this person come to this place – what motivated their lifestyle choices and what will it take to heal and change so that a transformation takes place within them, so that their choices for the future are different, healthier, more self-loving and hopefully more earth-loving.  We invest time in our patients and hope they become our friends.  The goal is to empower people to live in optimal health so that future visits to the doctor are not needed.

We do not demonise Western Medicine or science – in fact we celebrate what it has to offer healthcare just as we celebrate the gifts of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Energetic healing and various other modalities.  There is wisdom to be found all around us as long as we are careful not to be caught in the box of believing there is only one right way.  Health Nation is about finding sustainable solutions for our patients, supporting them on their journey to well-being and empowering them to hold their health in their own hands through the lifestyle and nutritional choices they make.

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  1. margaret belluco says:

    What interesting write-ups! Congratulations on your growth so far. May your practice go from strength to strength and motivate more people to undertake this healthy road!

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